Good Health Pass Collaborative - CCI Info Session Follow up

Brian Behlendorf

Hi everyone,

We had a great info session today (recording available here) about the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) and the TrustOverIP Working Group established to support that effort.

Without letting up on the gas of any of the workstreams and task forces at CCI, we'd love to see many of you join this two-month collaborative drafting process, to help make sure the GHPC Blueprint delivered at the end of May be broadly reflective of the expertise and experiences of the CCI community. The first thing you can do is join the first meeting of the overall Working Group on Monday, March 29 (calendar and dial-in here). From there you'll learn about the timing for meetings of the different Drafting Groups and the tools being used for collaboration. The wiki page linked above will also be the authoritative home for this Working Group's work.

Because this project is being very careful to properly collect and track IP (so that we can see open source software implementations of the resulting work), contributing to the Working Group and its drafting groups will require you (as an individual, or your employer) join TrustOverIP as a Contributor Member, which is free of charge:
  • Preview of membership documents: For a preview of the membership agreement, you can go here.
  • Ready to sign a membership agreement: You can start the signing process here
  • As TrustOverIP is in the middle of a transition from one version of the JDF to another, to join the WG specifically, please sign this document here.
  • Questions about ToIP membership: Please reach out directly to David Luchuk, ToIP's Program Manager.
As noted on the call, if you expect it may take some time for your legal teams to authorize you to sign the agreement, you can participate passively on the calls and other forums while waiting for that authorization. All the processes, documents, and work product will be public from inception, but being a participant is a much bigger way to affect a positive outcome than just being a witness. CCI's staff - Kaliya as co-chair, and John and Lucy as participants in some of the drafting groups - will do their best to reflect what they know from our work here, but your direct engagement will always be preferable.

And to recap for those who could not make the call:

The Good Health Pass Collaborative was launched in February 2021 to create a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems and build a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy. Since its launch, GHPC has released: 
  • GHPC Principles White Paper - Outlined a set of principles and a call to action toward standards for “good health passes”.
  • GHPC Blueprint Outline - Offered a map of the key interoperability questions and challenges which must be addressed to produce digital health pass implementations.
This week, GHPC partner and fellow Linux Foundation-based organization The Trust Over IP Foundation has established a Working Group to create the full Blueprint that fleshes out the Outline and answers the key interoperability questions. That document will point to or define specifications suitable for software makers and others to use to evaluate, sell and deploy interoperable vaccination and test result sharing software and solutions.

The WG will accomplish this through the coordinated effort of 9 drafting groups, each focused on drafting a reply to a challenge outlined in the Blueprint Outline, with the final draft published by TrustOverIP by May 31st. At that point GHPC will provide a final review and add framing context and language and, if all goes well, publish a final document some time in June.

Kaliya Young (CCI's Ecosystems Director) and Rebecca Distler (Global Health Programs Lead at ID2020) are the anticipated co-chairs for the Working Group.

CCI and Linux Foundation Public Health joined GHPC at its launch. and we believe it's an important complement to the work we're doing at CCI. We also hope to draw from this work as we look into soon hosting open source software projects that may serve as compliant or even reference implementations.

Finally, we encourage you or your organization to consider joining Good Health Pass directly. You can learn more about GHPC through their web site, or send any questions to Rebecca



Brian Behlendorf
General Manager for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf