Announcing SteerCo Election Candidates

Lucy Yang

Hi all,

I am excited to share with you that three applicants have passed through the Nomination Committee vetting and become official candidates for the CCI Steering Committee Election. 

We received four applications in total, but one applicant had to withdraw due to some personal and professional reasons. 

The three candidates that will enter the community vote are:
All three candidates will be joining our All-Member Meeting on Oct 8 (Friday) at 7 am PT / 2 pm UTC to answer any questions the community has. The Nomination Committee Members have raised two questions for the candidates to prepare and answer on Friday:
  • What is your view of emerging trends around identity, credentials in light of both the COVID-19 and post COVID-19 situation ie. how do they see the future?
  • Across the world, the steady adoption of digital credentials has brought into sharp focus the topics of data governance, app-based approaches and privacy, surveillance, and the dynamics of centralization vs decentralization. How do you see CCI navigating these topics to deliver according to its mission?
Whether you are able to attend the Friday meeting or not, please feel free to share questions you have by replying to



Lucy Yang, Community Director 
COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI)

The COVID Credentials Initiative (“CCI”), sponsored and hosted by Linux Foundation Public Health, is an open global community collaborating to enable the interoperable use of open-standard-based privacy-preserving credentials and other related technologies for public health purposes.