Upcoming Event: COVID Health Credentials for International Travel Summit

Lucy Yang

Hi all, 

CCI is co-hosting a Travel Summit with LFPH and Affinidi next week to bring key actors from the travel industry and technology vendors who are serving the travel industry together, to share and discuss:
  • What technology solutions are in use to issue, process, manage and verify COVID certificates along the journey for international travelers, from before they leave home to their arrival at the hotel at their destination.  
  • How they navigate and implement the complicated health policies and travel rules.
  • What the key challenges they are facing to provide a safe and smooth travel experience, including major technology and policy gaps that the LFPH/CCI community can help address
The Summit has two versions: 
The event will have two main parts – panel presentations to understand the current landscape including challenges and breakout community forums to discuss how our community can help address some of the challenges.

We encourage our community members to join and contribute to the conversations. Look forward to seeing you there! 


Lucy Yang, Community Director 
COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI)

The COVID Credentials Initiative (“CCI”), sponsored and hosted by Linux Foundation Public Health, is an open global community collaborating to enable the interoperable use of open-standard-based privacy-preserving credentials and other related technologies for public health purposes.