CCI Membership Agreement Launch and Important Instructions

Lucy Yang

Hi all,

We were excited to launch CCI Membership Agreement on Friday (June 25). If you were not able to attend the call, please see the launch event slides here (this contains a walkthrough of all key items in the agreement) and the recording here.

Moving forward, if you want to participate in and contribute to CCI's activities (mailing lists, slack channels, document drafting, etc), please make sure you sign the membership agreement first here (review copy).  

The most important things to note when signing are
  • Membership Level: 
Contributor (only for individuals): If you are signing up as an individual, please make sure you choose "Contributor" level, use your personal email, and write "Individual" for "Title" and "N/A" for "Company Name".

Steering Member (only for organizations): If you are signing up for your entire organization, please choose "Steering Member" level and make sure you have the signing authority and sign with your work email and title with this particular organization. Each organization only needs to sign one agreement for all employees to participate in CCI.

If you already signed the agreement and got declined, it means you might not fill out the right information according to the above. Please check and sign again with the right information here. For any questions, please reach out to me at lucyy.cci@....
  • Sponsorship Fees: There is no sponsorship fee associated with joining CCI so the Project Sponsorship Agreement is not applicable to CCI and doesn't require a signature. 


Lucy Yang, Community Director 
COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI)

CCI is an open global community hosted by Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH), a Linux Foundation initiative to build, secure, and sustain open-source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) combat COVID-19 and future epidemics.